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The Blogger <b:section> is a layout to nesting Blogger gadget <b:widget>. When we design a blogger template its make easier to manage a group of gadget by separate a gadget into the different section.

<b:section> Syntax and Attribute


<b:section  cond='EXPRESSION'
  • Each <b:section> must placed in between the tags <body> and </body>.
  • In HTML Rendering <b:section> replaced by tag <div> and contain attribute class, id and name.
  • id must be unique string.
  • BOOLEAN value is either of true, false, yes and no.
  • name is the name shown in Layout Editor and rendered HTML page as an Attribute.
  • showaddelement is statement may or not to add a Gadget in Layout Editor.
  • maxwidgets define the maximum allowed number of widgets.

<b:section> Example


<b:section class='sidebar' id='sidebar_bottom' name='Sidebar (Bottom)'>

In the example above,  <b:section> tags has no showaddelement statement, by default, the value is 'true' its mean in the Layout Editor, "Add Gadget" button will appear because we allowed adding a Gadget inside that section even we not declare it.

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