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What is New in Plus UI v2.6?

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A brief description on all new features, plugins and add-ons in the lastest version 2.6.

What's New in Plus UI v2.6
Fineshop Design | What's New in v2.6?

What's new in Pages?

Little Modifications have been made in Pages.

Sitemap Page

We have made changes in Sitemap Page. Now, It will display the post thumbnail as well.

View Sitemap Page

Contact Form

Redesigned Form Submit Messages Notification.

View Contact Form

Due to recent updates in Blogger, the form is not working. We will update it soon...

Categorised Posts

A section where posts will appear with a specific Label.

NextGen Image Format

We have tried our best to serve the images in webp format. Thumbnail images, Slider images, etc. will be served in webp format for better PageSpeed Insights Score.

Note that images in your post will not be served in webp format. Read this Article to serve your Blog Post images in webp format.

What's new in Add-ons?

Here is a list of all new Add-ons in lastest version and little description about them.

Realtime Views

Some of people want Realtime Views Counter on their posts, so we have added Views Counter in Plus UI v2.6 that uses Firebase Database to store views count.

How to use?

Maintenance Mode

Small Add-on but we hope it will be helpful for you. If Maintenance Mode is Turned On, the viewers will not be able to access your site until the time you set so you can make changes on your Blog.

It will not appear whenever an admin of your Blog visits.

How to use?

Quick Edit

It might be one of the best Add-on for them who have a number of posts published on their blog. Whenever an admin visits the Blog, an Edit button will appear, through which they can be redirected to Blogger Page / Post Edit. They can also backup the Blog Contents and many more.

Buttons will appear desides the comments so admins can click on them to delete any unwanted comment.

Bookmark Posts

This Add-on will allow visitors to save / bookmark posts so they can read it later. Bookmark Posts are stored in Local Storage, so whenever visitors clear the site data or cookies, all the bookmarked posts will also be cleared.

This Add-on is not available in Standard Version

How to use?

System Default Mode

If System Default is selected by users, the mode i.e. Light / Dark, will automatically switch as per the Device Color Scheme.

Not all devices and browsers support this feature.

Theme Color

Let your visitors choose their favourite Theme Color for your Blog. You can set 10 Theme Colors of your desired colors.

This Add-on is not available in Standard Version

How to use?

Music Player

Looking for Music Player for your Blogger blog? Plus UI v2.6 comes with Music Player, with this you can play your audio files, i.e. MP3.

This Add-on is not available in Standard Version

How to use?

Countdown Download Box

If you are providing any file on your Website to download, this Download Box will be helpful for you. Some websites shows a countdown before the download begins or redirected to final destination.

How to use?


Made using pure JavaScript without any library i.e. jQuery, etc. so no need to worry about PageSpeed Score.

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More to be added in upcoming updates... Request


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